We are currently not able to ship our pups due to the lack of large jets flying into our area airports.  Our airline of choice is Continental so we would have to drive 4 hrs. to put a pup on a flight.  After serious consideration, we choose not to do this.  We apologize !!!

Here at Boxer Barn we do offer shipping and all puppies are shipped through Continental Cargo.  Continental has become our personal choice due to the service their cargo unit offers. We feel that Continental does more to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for our puppies.  Pups are placed into temperature controlled vans  in-between flights and are never left outdoors on loading docks in unbearable weather.  Continental also has confirmed bookings for all animals shipped out.  This guarantees a place on the plane for your pup.  We will do our absolute best to have your puppy shipped to the nearest airport that Continental uses for live animal shipments.  We do not guarantee that it will be the closest airport for you.  We cannot confirm a shipping date until we have contacted Continental and they have guaranteed space for all pups leaving on that day.  All pups must leave together due to the distance (depending on which airport we chose, travel time involved is 1 1/2 hr. - 2 hr. drive) of the airport and considering check in time is 5:30 a.m.

With Continental, temperature never becomes a deciding factor in your pups departure as with other airlines.  The total cost for shipping is $350  which includes an airline approved carrier.   Puppies must be  eight weeks old before boarding, airline requirement.    All medical records, health certificate, food, AKC registration papers,  and a Letter of Acclimation will be attached to your puppies airline carrier.   All we ask is that you contact us as soon as your baby has arrived safely.



Some situations may involve having your pup lay over for 5-6 hours.  When this occurs, Continental will charge an extra $61.00 for kenneling fees.  Please be prepared to pay extra when this happens.  Sorry, this is beyond our control.