Below you will find information about what the future holds for our kennel in the upcoming months.  I have paired everyone up according to color, health, temperament & conformation.

We have listed below the sire and dam we are in the process  of breeding.

  When sending in a deposit, please be absolutely sure you are willing to wait on a pup.  Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE since 1-1-2005.....Sorry!



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AKC Registered



Breeding in progress is Ruger and Gretta.   Their first breeding was on March 15.  If the breeding is successful, pups would arrive May 8, 2014

Gretta's Sire

Ruger's Sire


CKC Registered







We are very disappointed that the breeding between Jeaux and Gabby was unsuccessful.  Breeding will take place at next heat cycle.  Thank you for your patience.